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Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, her sunny personality soon changed her name to Miley at home. Her father, country star and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, nicknamed her "Miley" because she is "always full of smiles". Disney Channel lovers got to knows her by her as Miley Cyrus, the star of Disney's newest original show: Hannah Montana, where Miley plays a regular girl called Miley Stewart who has a secret double life as the biggest singing superstar of tv. Soon enough, after a couple HM seasons, a hit headliner tour, a few #1 albums as HM and herself, and a #1 movie, it's not just Disney fans but the world who knows her name. "Miley" turned into her real name and she made that legal on 2008, changing her name to Miley Ray Cyrus.

Nowdays she has it all and is listed in all the most-powerful, most-influential and richest celebrities lists, being the youngest most often. However, it took a lot to this 13-year-old to earn the role of Disney's new tv queen. "All this hard work I've done my entire life is about to pay off," she said back when HM was about the hit the air. She recalls endless audition callbacks, that started with 1000 girls, and the dedication she's put into singing and acting for years. Daughter of a counrty star who crossed over tv, Miley has been taking parts as extras in her Dad's shows since forever, and most recently was cast for an episodes in his drama series "Doc", aswell as the small part of Ruthie in "Big Fish" at age eight. According Disney Channel entertainment president, Gary Marsh, Miley was choosen for the role of Hannah Montana for her natural ebullience and love for every minute of her life, which shows in her demeanor and performance.

Singing and playing the guitar have been a huge part of her life too. She assures she has written over 100 songs before turing 13. One of them was "I Miss You" which was included in the Hannah Montana show and later on her Meet Miley Cyrus-HM 2 Soundtrack double album. Singed to Hollywood Records Miley's first released songs were part of the HM Soundtrack on 2006, the album went to #1 and Miley scored a record-setting six debuts on the US singles chart, no other artist has ever achieved it. Nevertheless, the album wasn't completely hers cause it included other artists tracks. But it didn't take her long to have her very own #1, with the release of the double album Meet Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 2 Soundtrack on June 28th 2007. Right there, Miley became the youngest artist to have two number one albums in under a year, and notice this was at age 14. The following year Miley went totally solo with her first album away from her Hannah persona: "Breakout" hit stores July 22nd 2008 featuring 12 songs, mostly written by Miley herself. Of course it went to #1! It was the second biggest release by a female artist that year. The albums first cut, "7 Things", is said to be about ex-boyfriend Nick of the Jonas Brothers whom she only admitted to had dated long after the breakup of their two year relationship. She insists they're still friends, while she's trying to keep quiet about her new guy, country singer, underwear model and devoted christian, Justin Gaston.

M wasn't just singing in the studio all that time. The bussy-bee went on a massive U.S. tour: "Best Of Both Worlds Tour", headlining as both herself and Hannah Montana - performing with the famous blond wig on. Shows were completely sold out and a scandal unleashed with tickets re-selling everywhere that got parents of crazed-fans to pay over 2,000 dollars for regular tickets. Miley and her team worked really hard to revert the situation so all fans would be able to see the show, making more seats out of the private boxes and selling them via her official online fan-club. Beyond the media and fans craze, the show itself was so massive that Disney turned it into a 3-D movie. The movie was originally set to be in theaters only for a week but it's massive success expanded the number of theaters and time it showed. The movie went to #1 and set a record for a 3-D movie and a superbowl weekend.

When she's not performing, Miley enjoys the company of her five siblings, Christopher, Brandi, Trace (from Metro Station) Braison Chance and Noah Lindsey, and her family dogs - and her own puppy Sophie. She has a lot more dogs, cats, horses, chickens and cows back in her Nashville, Tennessee home when they moved to LA last December 2005 to start the filming. Miley had to say goodbye to her whole-life friends, so her new lifestyle also includes long hours on the phone plus the LA need: shopping. "I'm a big shoe person. Sometimes I'll be punky, the next day I'll be preppy. Every day after work, my mom and I go shopping. My dad is about to kill me. I say, 'We need it, daddy!'," shared Miley back on 2006 when HM was just starting. Nowadays she's a true fashonista inpiring millions of fans, and she has stated how it's very imporant to her to keep a fun but clean image kids and mums can approve of. Miley lists her hobbies to be dancing, cheerleading, singing, playing the guitar and writing music - exactly what she does on camera and tour. "As soon as I step on that stage, nothing matters. I don't think of it as work. It's just so much fun."

An other of Miley's hobbies, hanging out with BFF Mandy Jiroux, has turned into a million-viewing set of videos through their youtube series The Miley And Mandy Show. The girls started it on February 2008 posting a video of them being goofy and random, dancing around in Miley's room. Little did they know it'd be so huge that it'd a key part of the Teen Choice Awards later that year, with a dance competition between their team M&M Cru with a U and ACDC. Seems everything Miley touchs turns into gold, or platinum that is. On 2009 she will continue to do so in brand new territory. She's starring in "Hannah Montana: The Movie", it'll hit theaters April 10th and of course it's coming with a Soundtrack. She's also filming season three of the show and writing a series of seven autobiography books, plus she'll be touring again around the fall. Stay tuned cause this super-talented and gorgeous girl has more going on every day, and it's all great!
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miley cu inimioara

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